RC-Retainer Client (Manages graphics and store on monthly or regular basis, store is current and up to date)

RNC- Non-Retainer Client (Store is not maintenced by TinaShanae on regualar or monthly basis, stores current stage or upkeep is unknown. Stores graphics may or may not be created by TinaShanae)

Important Status Company Name Website Curated Logo?
RC Renee's Armoire View Site Yes
NRC AlexisSkyy & Company View Site
RC Sui Generis Couture View Site Yes
RC S&M Boutique View Site Yes
NRC Styles By Chi View Site
NRC LaShell's Collection View Site
NRC Chocolatee Pleasures View Site
NRC Tea's Stunning Butters & Scrubs View Site
NRC Luxe Vibes Apparel View Site
NRC Mauve Sophisticate View Site
RC Dollhouse Junkie View Site
NRC BNB Hair Co View Site
NRC Kabi & Co View Site
NRC Rosy Candle Co View Site
NRC Queen's Kloset View Site
RC London's Fashion Boutique View Site
NRC Ari's Craft Box View Site
NRC Luxe Lust Boutique View Site
NRC Lee's Cleaning Service View Site
Vanity A Luxury Boutique View Site
The Glow Up Experience View Site Yes